Who is Old Griff?


Who’s Old Griff? and How Old Is he?

Coming from the hills over yonder where gold was discovered. Old Griff was born in 1989, meaning he isn’t really old at least not physically. Old Griffs name comes from that most people believe Griff has an Old Soul. One of the most friendly artists around. Old Griff has the ability to make friends anywhere he goes. Its that presence that carries over thru his music, energy and presence on and off the stage. Old Griff brings big beats and good times, his elcetic style allows him to manage any dance floor and crowd.

DJing since 2011 Old Griff has been moving up the ranks spreading his sounds across Northern California. 2013 found Old Griff playing on Northern California’s Festival circuit for events like the Splash Music Festival and long standing 13 year event the Stilldream Festival in Belden Town as well as holding down his DJ residency at El Dorado County PJ’s Roadhouse Bar and Grill. Old Griff’s musical influence is filtering down from the mountains to the valley and beyond.

As well as his success on DJ circuit his know how and great taste in music has lead Old Griff to becoming PJ’s Roadhouse talent buyer as well. Allowing him to keep his finger on the pulse of live music as well as electronic dance makes him not only up to date but with the ability to see future trends.

2014 is going to be his breakout year, be prepared to catch him at venue near you! and if you happen to miss his set make sure you at least get to meet him and make a new friend. You won’t regret it.

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